Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Layouts (again!)

Sorry I can't do a two page spread side by side. My computer seems to be running out of memory and now squeaks like a mouse (its about 5 years old, so I guess I understand that its probably just about toast!). Papers by MTerasawa for Designer Digitals, Rhonna Farrar for 2 Peas, & KPertit for Designer Digitals.
I should also mention that all the layouts recently use templates from Jessica Sprague's Beautiful Evidence Class (I keep forgetting that as I've just been cutting and pasting my supply list in from the class gallery when I post!).
Love the class, getting a TON done for my family reunion album (I've been modifying the templates for it slightly). It's been a great motivator to get the album done. I'm thinking my parents will end up with a copy for Christmas!

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