Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Layouts Galore!

Lots of layout to post tonight! I'm going to do my best with credits for supplies, so here it goes:
Splash Time : Carnival Papers (from a kit included in one of Jessica Sprague's previous classes)
Splash Pad: New kit from Designs By Angel, In A Boys Pocket Duo with Project B Designs
Wine Tasting Stop #1: MTerasawa for Designer Digitals, Rhonna Farrar for 2 Peas, KPertit for Designer Digitals
Noodle Gun Wars: Papers by Jesse Edwards & A. Victoria (Designer Digitals), Shappy Princess Festival, & A Langpap (2 peas)
A Bench to Relax on: Papers by Jesse Edwards & A. Victoria (Designer Digitals)
Sorry if I've missed something, I've been doing my best to keep track of everything.

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