Tuesday, October 4, 2011

30 things

Sometime last fall, I saw Kelly Purkey's list of things she wanted to do in the next year. And at the time I thought it was a great idea. This is the list I made (and an update on how I did):
1. Go on a trip - We went to sunny Florida in January! I also went to Ottawa for a few days in August, and Haliburton for a few days last week with some friends!
2. Finish the online courses you are already registered for. - Fail. I'm horrible for signing up, making it through the first few and then falling behind. But I'm still trying!
3. Take a photography course - Fail. See #2!
4. Go to Scrapfest (spring or summer, it doesn’t matter which) - Fail. Just bad timing this year. But I'm going to try again next year.
5. Find creative ways to save money. - A work in progress. This will always be a work in progress. Right now I'm getting the hang of the couponing thing. Trying my best to do as well as possible.
6. Take another scrapbooking course (in person, not online). - Fail. But only because there hasn't been one at my LSS when I've been available.
7. Go to the drive-in for the first time. - Fail. Hopefully next summer!
8. Go to Boldt Castle. - Fail. Hopefully next summer again.
9. Start a vegetable garden. - Success. In fact, its October, and I picked over 80 tomatoes again tonight. I also learned how to can veggies (we were a little overloaded at times!)
10. Teach Boss to lay down by handsignal only. - Fail. Boss' training has not been so great lately. Got to get on this!
11. Go to another concert. - Success! When I was in Ottawa, I went to a 3 day concert, the Capitol Hoedown. Let's just say, Carrie Underwood, singing Paradise City was FANTASTIC!!!!
12. Do some form of exercise for 30 minutes every day. - Fail. Really big fail. But I started a new job, much more physical, and I'm doing my best to make it work.
13. Buy dining room hutch, pay cash. - Fail. Because too many other expenses came up. But I'm going to do my best to save for this over the winter.
14. Take a Zumba class. - Sort of fail. I didn't make it to a class. But I did by Zumba for Wii. And then I only used it once. Really need to get back to this!
15. Write 1 blog post a week - Ummm....FAIL. Really bad!
16. Submit layouts to manufacturers websites/magazines - Did try a few times. Need to keep trying. Practise makes perfect, right?
17. Get sewing machine set up. - It's set up. But I need to find the manual so I can remember how to thread it!
18. Plan our next trip. - Sort of fail. More like on hold. With starting a new job, I don't really have vacation time until January. I'm thinking Nashville. T doesn't travel well, but that's one place he's always wanted to go. I'm thinking I could probably talk my sister into it too, although her other half also doesn't travel often, and definitely not a country fan (T & I would want to go to the Grand Ole Oprey)
19. Sign up for twitter – and use it. - Success. Kind of. I did sign up. I don't log in often, as I just don't have time. Probably once a week or so.
20. Read Nomad. - Success! And it was good, just not as good as the first book.
21. Create a long term bucket list. - Fail. Unless you count the one that's always kind of forming in my head.
22. Create a card per month for Mom’s Christmas present. - Success. More than 1 a month. I'm actually starting to get better at cards :)
23. Work on Mattie & Haylee’s mini album once a month. - Fail. But only because I didn't really have pictures for a while. I have lots now, and I do have the albums sitting in my office, just waiting!
24. Redo the main bathroom. - Fail. Too many other projects around the house, and this got put on hold.
25. Redo our bedroom. - Fail. See #24.
26. Try a new restaurant in Kingston. - Success. Went to Casa last week for a goodbye lunch with one of my former bosses.
27. Spend a day at the beach this summer. - Fail. But I was on the beach in Florida (and really--we have a pool in the yard).
28. Learn to make pie crust. - Fail. I haven't even tried yet. I will, someday!
29. Eat less processed foods. - Success. The garden helps with this one!
30. Go to Walt Disney World. - Success! We went when we were in Florida, it was great, and I can't wait to go back when we have kids!

Well, I didn't get everything, but that's ok. I just turned 31 (and I didn't make this list for a few months after my 30th birthday), and I'm just going to rewrite this, and add some to total up to 31. I really liked having some written goals and looking back on them!